About us

PDD Specialist Group
This specialist group brings together scholars and practitioners to co-ordinate and promote theoretical and empirical research in the broad areas of participatory and deliberative democracy. It offers a space for scholars researching different participatory and deliberative democratic innovations and their applications. The aim of this site is to establish a network of scholars across a broad range of areas, bringing together deliberative democrats with both theoretical and practical orientation to facilitate opportunities for research collaboration. An important outcome of this network will be to provide outlets for the dissemination of research findings at national and international levels.

See the Members page for a list of the groups' members who have registered with the site.

Convening team 201-2016

Clodagh Harris, UCC [clodagh.harris - at - ucc.ie]
Vanessa Liston, CiviQ [vanessa - at - civiq.eu]
Anne Visser, UCD [anna - at - annavisser.ie]
Feilim O’hAdhmail, UCC [F.OhAdhmaill - at - ucc.ie]
Laurence Davis, UCC [L.Davis - at - ucc.ie]
Brendan O'Keefe, UL [Brendan.OKeeffe - at - mic.ul.ie]

If you would like to get involved and join the convening team, drop Clodagh a line. We are always interested in new members to come on board the organising team that have ideas for activities and how to grow the group and its impact.