New publication: From Majority Rule to Inclusive Politics

From Majority Rule to Inclusive Politics
The above, Peter Emerson’s tenth book on voting and his third from Springer Press, questions the very basis of that which passes for democracy: majority rule by majority vote. If majority opinions were to be identified in a more accurate way, then democracy could be stronger. And if that more inclusive methodology were non-majoritarian, then democracy could be based on all-party governance. A seminar on the book will be held in The School of Politics, International Studies and Philosophy Queen’s University, Belfast, on 10th Februarry, 2016 at 4pm. Please RSVP
With regard to his earlier works, Peter Emerson was described as “ of the world’s top experts on election rules,” Professor Arend Lijphart. He was also described by Professor Donald G Saari as “...a leader in connecting consensus with decision theory”. At the 2012 House of Lords launch of his second Springer book, Defining Democracy, Lord Paddy Ashdown said it was, "An extraordinary and quite remarkable cornucopia index of available [voting] systems.”

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