PDD Group Members

Department Institution Research Interests Username
Ann O'Brien Business Information Systems NUI Galway

The Public Value of eParticipation and the mediating role of Sense of Community to engagement

Peter Emerson Director The de Borda institute

Voting procedures, especially those used in decision-making, be the latter in committee meetings, referendums, social surveys, deliberative exercises, or whatever. Basically, whenever a group of individuals, no matter how small or large, is trying to identify their collective social choice (or social ranking), they should not resort to a binary voting procedure if, that is, the subject concerned is at all complex and/or controversial. Instead, resort should be made to a form of preferential voting in which the outcome is that (those) option(s) with the highest average level(s) of consensus support. The methodology, the Modified Borda Count, MBC, is inclusive and far more accurate that the exclusive and inaccurate (simple or weighted) majority vote.

Peter Emerson
Dr Stephen Elstub Politics Newcastle University

Democracy in theory and practice, deliberative democracy, participatory democracy, associational democracy, political communication, public opinion, public policy.

Min Reuchamps Political science Université catholique de Louvain minreuchamps
Professor John Parkinson School of Government and International Relations Griffith University Brisbane

applied democratic theory
deliberative democracy
deliberative systems
public space

Prof. Dr. Brigitte Geissel Social Sciences Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany

Democratic Innovations
Combinations of representative, participatory and deliberative democracy

Brigitte Geissel
Prof. Dr. Andre Baechtiger Social Sciences University of Stuttgart

Deliberative Democracy, Measurement of Deliberation, Institutionalism

Dr Ian O'Flynn Politics Newcastle University

Major: Political theory,especially deliberative democracy, compromise, the public interest, political integration.
Minor: Comparative politics, especially ethnic conflict, consociation, Northern Ireland.

Ian O'Flynn
John Baker School of Social Policy, Social Work and Social Justice (Emeritus) University College Dublin

Egalitarianism, Participatory Democracy

Dr Féilim Ó hAdhmaill Applied Social Studies University College Cork Féilim Ó hAdhmaill