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PSAI Participatory & Deliberative Democracy Specialist Group

This specialist group brings together scholars and practitioners to co-ordinate and promote theoretical and empirical research in the broad areas of participatory and deliberative democracy. It offers a space for scholars researching different participatory and deliberative democratic innovations and their applications. The aim of this site is to establish a network of scholars across a broad range of areas, bringing together deliberative democrats with both theoretical and practical orientation to facilitate opportunities for research collaboration. An important outcome of this network will be to provide outlets for the dissemination of research findings at national and international levels.

Featured video: What is Deliberative Democracy?: Interview with John Dryzek by Kathryn Kelly

Latest news

PSAI conference 2017 - Call for papers

The PSAI participatory and Deliberative Democracy specialist group is organising panels for this year's PSAI annual conference in Dublin.

See https://psai2017.wordpress.com/2017/05/02/cfp/for the call for papers.

If you are interested in submitting a paper on the participatory and deliberative democracy panels, please send a short (300 word) abstract to clodagh.harris@ucc.ie by June 8th 2017.

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Consultation: Open Government Partnership Second National Action Plan

A public consultation has just been launched by the Dept. of Public Expenditure and Reform on the Open Government Partnership Second National Action Plan. This is an opportunity to contribute to a set of new actions over two years that will 1) strengthen citizen engagement; 2) improve transparency and 3) strengthen accountability and governance.

Panel at PSAI Annual Conference 2016

We invite paper proposals for a Participatory & Deliberative democracy panel at this year's annual PSAI conference. Please send your abstracts of up to 300 words to listonv@tcd.ie before Wednesday 1st June 2016. We will then submit the panel proposal by the conference submission deadline of 3rd June 2016. The Annual Conference of the Political Studies Association of Ireland (PSAI) will take place in the Europa Hotel, Belfast, over the weekend of 7-9th October 2016.

New publication: From Majority Rule to Inclusive Politics

From Majority Rule to Inclusive Politics
The above, Peter Emerson’s tenth book on voting and his third from Springer, questions the very basis of that which passes for democracy: majority rule by majority vote. If majority opinions were to be identified in a more accurate way, then democracy could be stronger. And if that more inclusive methodology were non-majoritarian, then democracy could be based on all-party governance. A seminar on the book will be held in Queen’s University, Belfast, on February 10th, 2016. www.deborda.org. With regard to his earlier works, he was described as “...one of the world’s top experts on election rules,” Professor Arend Lijphart.

PSAI Annual Conference 2016

The annual PSAI Conference will take place in the Europa Hotel, Belfast, 7-9 October 2016. The Participatory and Deliberative Democracy specialist group are holding two sessions. Come along and join in the discussions!

Session 4: 11.00am – Panel A: Power and participatory democracy: where do people fit in?
Room: Copenhagen 1
Chair: Vanessa Liston (TCD)
A framework for measuring the (participatory) democratic contribution of civil society
organisations – Anna Visser (UCD)
The will of the people – Peter Emerson (De Borda Institute, Belfast) [.doc]
The Public Value of Sense of Community in the Irish e-Public Participation process – Ann O’Brien

Session 4: 11.00am – Interactive Workshop: 12.30pm – Technology & Governance: Exploring innovations, challenges
and opportunities in Ireland,

Room: Copenhagen 1
Group Interactive Workshop
Chair: Anna Visser (UCD)
Matrix Voting Method – Peter Emerson (De Borda Institute, Belfast)
Online Consultation Portal – Mark O’Toole
Poleeto: a civic and a political social network for Ireland – Declan Burrowes
Q-methodology Public Opinion Analysis Platform – Vanessa Liston
For more information on the conference see the PSAI conference website .